Boy Scout Advancement

The advancement program for Boy Scouts has two phases.

The first phase of Scout to First Class is designed to teach the boy Scoutcraft skills, how to participate in a group and to learn self-reliance.

You join as the rank Scout, it is awarded when the Scout demonstrates a rudimentary knowledge of the Scouting ideals.

Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class, have progressively harder requirements in the areas of Scout craft, physical fitness, citizenship, personal growth and Scout Spirit.

Focus turns toward individual achievement, leadership and community service once First Class is earned.

The ranks of Star,  Life, and Eagle, require a set number of merit badges (minimum of 21 for Eagle Scout, with 12 from a Eagle Merit-badge list), as well as a minimum of time spent in a troop leadership position, as well as community service requirements, among other things.

Advancement Chairperson – Shawn Campbell

Life to Eagle Coordinator – Aaron Hossack – Online advancement tracking

Coup Tracking Spreadsheet

Service Star Tracking Spreadsheet

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