Scout Leaders

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The senior patrol leader is the top leader of the troop and responsible for the troop’s overall operation.

With guidance from the Scoutmaster, he takes charge of troop meetings, the PLC, and of all troop activities.

He is responsible for annual program planning conferences and assists the Scoutmaster in conducting troop leadership training.

The senior patrol leader works closely with each patrol leader to plan troop meetings and make arrangements for troop activities.

All members of a troop vote by secret ballot to choose their senior patrol leader.




Helps the senior patrol leader lead meetings and activities.

Runs the troop in the absence of the senior patrol leader.

Helps train and supervise the troop Scribe, Quartermaster, Instructor, Librarian, Historian, Webmaster, and Chaplain Aide.

Serves as a member of the patrol leaders’ council.






The patrol leader is the top leader of a patrol and represents the patrol PLC meetings and the annual planning conference and keeps patrol members informed of decisions made.

He plays a key role in planning, leading, and evaluating patrol meetings and activities and prepares the patrol to participate in all troop activities.

The patrol leader learns about the abilities of other patrol members and fully involves them in patrol and troop activities by assigning specific tasks and responsibilities.

He encourages patrol members to complete advancement requirements
and sets a good example by continuing to pursue his own advancement.




Helps the patrol leader plan and steer patrol meetings and activities.
Helps him keep patrol members informed.
Helps the patrol get ready for all troop activities.
Represents his patrol at patrol leaders’ council meetings when the patrol leader cannot attend.








The quartermaster is the troop’s supply person. He keeps an inventory of troop equipment

He sees that the gear is in good condition and works with patrols as they check out equipment and reports on the status of equipment in need of replacement or repair.

In carrying out his responsibilities, he may have the guidance of a member of the troops committee.






The scribe is the troop’s record keeper. He attends meetings of the PLC and keeps a record of the discussions. He cooperates with the patrols to record attendance any dues payments at troop meetings. A member of the troop committee may assist him with his work.